Installation and Retrofits

New Construction and Retrofits

Standard Air Conditioning Refrigeration Service LLC, with over 25 years in service, is well-qualified to solve the challenge of new construction or outdated HVAC systems in pre-existing buildings. Our team-applied energy-design process helps building owners and designers reduce operating expenses while improving comfort and productivity for the building’s occupants.

The team consists of experienced project and site management personnel, as well as skilled tradesmen to provide new contruction or retrofits to healthcare, commercial, and institutional facilities. We can custom design an HVAC System tailored to suit the need of your facility, bearing in mind relevant factors such as efficiency, value and the intended usage of your Commercial or Industrial facility. Our capabilities include HVAC, sheet metal, and specialty piping and ducts. We will offer our expertise to your corporation beyond the design/build process.

  • We are experts at integrated energy design
  • We develop a customized solution for every building